STATEMENT:  Letizia is passionate about the permanence of human nature in the light of evolution, this nourishes her theoretical quest about the essences of being, of becoming. She thrives to create philosophical artworks, to link polarised concepts, aesthetics, times and cultures, to create antithesis that transcend and refute the historical dichotomy of Western culture, the duality between Apollo and Dionysus.  The contemporary forays in neuroscience and her exposure to astrophysics made her concerns and scientific quests grow exponentially from the history of humankind to that of the universe, from metaphysics to physics,  from Wittgenstein to Einstein.

BIOGRAPHY : Swiss and Italian artist Letizia Reuss (Hoffmann) graduated from Parsons New York with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design. She worked for industrial designers Ross Lovegrove and Karim Rashid while developing her own identity as an artist, participating in art shows, exhibiting also at the Gramercy Park International Art Fair, New York.  A dramatic oversight regarding explosive materials in her New York apartment caused the entire apartment to blow up. The accident curtailed her artistic confidence for some time. She went into the Swiss influence and entered the world of private banking for Credit Suisse in Zurich and Hong Kong. However the artistic spirits prevailed.  A subsequent move to Vienna brought with it a return to Art. Letizia then focussed on jewellery, cufflinks and sculptures created and manufactured in her atelier in Bali .  In 2009, she moved to London to pursue a Masters in Applied Imagination at Central Saint Martins. Today she is a practicing artist with her atelier in London.

From 2013 to 2016 and Letizia gave speeches in Baku and/or Istanbul on Art's influence on multiculturalism. It is at one of these conferences that she had the honour to meet Professor George Smoot, Nobel Prize in Physics 2006.  She is, since 2015, board member of his Foundation “Physics of the Universe". This Foundation aims to do educative and research projects as well as to bring artists and scientifics together.